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Welcome to #Sensylvania

Sensylvania Club FAQ

  • What is the difference between discounted parking rates & full season preferred parking?
    • Discounted Parking Rates ($80 for 20 undated parking vouchers) - This parking option does NOT guarantee you a spot on City Island and is not dated. This option is designed to allow our Sensylvania Club Members to ability to purchase parking at a discounted rate. They will be sold in packs of 20 undated vouchers. After April 4th the price will increase to $90 for 20 undated vouchers. 
    • *Full Season Preferred Parking ($250 for all 70 games): Full season preferred parking is a $250 flat rate for parking for all 70 home games. Season ticket preferred parking will guarantee the parking pass holder a spot on City Island up to 15 minutes before scheduled game time. Full season preferred parking must be purchased for the entire season. 
  • What games are included in the 18-game, 13-game and 6-game memberships? 
    • You can click the buttons to the right to see the full schedules for the 13-game and 6-game memberships. The 18-game Club Seat membership is a you-pick-'em membership. You can choose your 18 games or choose to get undated vouchers! Our 13-game memberships let you choose the schedule that fits your busy life! You can choose between a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday membership. The membership you choose includes all 11 of those games plus 2 additional games to be determined by the Senators. We have six different 6-game memberships to choose from that let you fit it into your schedule! One is geared toward fireworks nights, one toward day games, and so on! Follow the buttons on the right to see the full schedules.
  • How do I purchase a Sensylvania Club Membership?
    • We have a few ways for you to purchase! You can purchase your membership on-line by clicking on the button to the right or you can call us at 717.231.4444 to purchase! All plans purchased on-line will be paid in full at the time of purchase. If you're interested in one of our payment plan options, just give us a call and we'll get you set up! 
  • What happens if I miss a game? Do you have an exchange policy? 
    • We do have an exchange policy! If you are a 70, 35, 18, or 13-game member of the Sensylvania Club you can exchange your tickets at any time before or after the game date. If you are paid in full you can manage those unused tickets yourself with the on-line portal. If you are on a payment plan, you can call your sales rep or come to the box office to exchange those tickets. If you are a 6-game member of the Sensylvania Club you can exchange your tickets before the day of the game. If the game that you have tickets for has passed, those tickets become void.