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Sensylvania Club Frequently Asked Questions

As a Sensylvania Club member, what will happen to my tickets from the 2020 season?
These tickets will be placed as vouchers into your account to be used at your discretion for the 2021 season. Full-season ticket holders will be given a window to exchange for specific games and physical seats followed by half-season, and then 13-game and 6-game plans. Once your window opens, you will be able to exchange for the remainder of the season. The exchange window does not turn off, you will just get priority.

What perks are there for Sensylvania Club members in 2021?
Sensylvania Club members will get a priority exchange window and first chance at tickets for games in 2021 PLUS they’ll have exclusive sections dedicated solely to Sensylvania Club voucher exchange. Senylvania Club members will still have a dedicated ballpark entrance and early entry.

What will happen to any unused Sensylvania Club vouchers at the end of the 2021 season?
They will be converted to a cash amount and applied toward your plan for 2022.

When will I be able to pick my seats for the upcoming 2021 season?
Online seat selection is tentatively scheduled to start the week of March 15th for full season plans and then smaller plans in waves following the full season plans.

How are you handling social distancing to ensure safety in the ballpark?
We are utilizing a socially distant seating algorithm in our ticketing system. When you exchange your voucher for a game, a bubble will be placed around your seats. Sensylvania Club members will have priority access to pick their preferred seats. Additionally, certain seats/sections will not be available per MLB’s COVID safety protocol.

What do I do if I already exchanged my voucher for a game and then decided not to attend?
You can opt-out of that game by contacting our office a minimum of 72 hours prior to the scheduled first pitch. The tickets will go back into your account as a voucher and can either be exchanged later, or the money will be rolled into 2022. If you do not give the Senators 72 hours notice those tickets will be forfeited and cannot be exchanged for a future game and will not convert to cash toward your 2022 plan.

Will I still be able to get my tickets printed and mailed to me?
We are asking everyone to participate in mobile ticketing for the 2021 season. This will give you the greatest flexibility; tickets will be able to be scanned directly from your phone & you can even store them permanently in your Google or Apple wallet! A staff member can help you set up an online account to handle your tickets if you haven’t done it before.

How will season ticket holder parking be handled in the 2021 season?
For those who already purchased parking, you will get printed undated vouchers. You will turn in your voucher each day to the parking attendant. Parking vouchers that you purchased and did not use in 2021 will be applied toward your 2022 ticket plan or parking.