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The Official Site of the Indianapolis Indians Indianapolis Indians

Front Office Staff

Victory Field
501 West Maryland Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225

Front Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Executive Management

Randy Lewandowski
President & Chief Executive Officer
(317) 532-6796

Joel Zawacki
Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer
(317) 532-6935

Matt Guay
Vice President & General Manager
(317) 532-6784

Business Operations

Bryan Spisak
Director of Business Systems & Talent

Bill Fulton
Senior Business Analyst

Sarah (McKinney) Haynes
Business Operations Manager

Sana Beotra
Business Analyst

Michelle Trevino
Guest Relations Coordinator

Community & Partnership

Kylie Kinder
Director of Community & Partnership Activation

Mary Mueller
Community Outreach Coordinator

Ben Kayser
Partnership Activation Coordinator

Chantel Heinsen
Partnership Activation Coordinator

Corporate Sales

Christina Toler
Director of Corporate Sales
(317) 532-6787

Chandler McKinney
Corporate Sales Account Executive
(317) 269-3542 ext287


Tim Hughes
Senior Director of Facilities

Allan Danehy
Senior Facilities Manager

Kyle Winters
Facilities Manager

Field Operations

Joey Stevenson
Director of Field Operations

Bryce Huebner
Field Operations Manager

Zach Green
Field Operations Coordinator

Marketing & Communications

Adam Pintar
Creative Director

Cheyne Reiter
Director of Communications

Max Freeman
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Anna Kayser
Communications Manager

Katie Bostic
Social Media Coordinator

Eric Barnes
Game Operations Coordinator

Jake Martinez
Mascot Program Coordinator

John Keen
Promotions Coordinator

Jenna Trainor
Marketing Project Coordinator

Ryan Lane
Graphic Designer

Levi Lennard
Graphic Designer

Howard Kellman
Voice of the Indians

Alex Leachman


Mark Schumacher
Director of Merchandise

Patrick Westrick
Merchandise Manager

Stadium Operations

Kim Duplak
Director of Stadium Operations

Nick Schreck
Stadium Operations Coordinator

Bobby Martin
Home Clubhouse Manager

Jeremy Martin
Visiting Clubhouse Manager

Kaden Latimore
Special Events Operations Coordinator

Sandra Reaves
Operations Support


Chad Bohm
Director of Ticket Sales
(317) 532-6789

Kerry Vick
Director of Tickets - Premium Services & Events
(317) 532-6785

Paige McClung
Senior Events Manager
(317) 537-8890

Kathryn Bobel
Premium & Ticket Services Manager
(317) 532-6797

Cara Carrion
Ticket Services Manager
(317) 975-2061

Justin Tolle
Ticket Sales & Service Coordinator
(317) 269-3542 ext287

Marquisha Grovner
Special Events Coordinator
(317) 532-6786

Garrett Rosh
Senior Business Development Executive
(317) 532-6791

Jonathan Howard
Senior Ticket Sales Account Executive
(317) 532-6941

Ty Eaton
Ticket Sales Account Executive
(317) 532-6788

Matt Marencik
Ticket Sales Account Executive
(317) 975-1464

Sam Lewandowski
Ticket Sales Account Executive
(317) 532-6794 ext268

Cole Dailey
Ticket Sales Account Executive
(317) 532-6792 ext265

Kari Ann Peiscop-Grau
Ticket Sales Account Executive
(317) 532-6939 ext309

Keyia Parker
Ticket Sales Account Executive
(317) 532-6929 ext372

Support Staff

Brooks Riley
Baseball Communications Assistant

Andrew Spegal
Business Operations Assistant

Tianna Hart
Community Outreach Assistant

Jacob Ulrey
Graphic Design Assistant

Raegan Walsh
Marketing Assistant

Jackson Williams
Merchandise Assistant

Mason Carmichael
Stadium Operations Assistant

Matthew Hawkins
Stadium Operations Assistant

Ethan Goddard
Ticket Services Assistant

Jan Tomaszewski
Ticket Services Assistant

Jeff Miller
Ticket Services Assistant

Jose Gonzalez
Ticket Services Assistant

Lance Marshall
Ticket Services Assistant

Leticia Vaselli
Ticket Services Assistant

ARAMARK Concessions

Chris Scherrer
Senior General Manager

Jamie Nicholson
General Manager

Shannon Hentz
Suites and Catering Manager

Board of Directors

Bruce Schumacher
Chairman of the Board

Mary Y. Marsh
Vice Chairwoman

Max B. Schumacher
Chairman Emeritus

Mike Messaglia

Michael O'Connor

Susan Baughman
Board Member

Jim Devellano
Board Member

Kent A. Lebherz
Board Member

Mark Massa
Board Member

John S. Myrland
Board Member

Milton O. Thompson
Board Member