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Join us for a special 3-day weekend as we become Los Murciélagos de Louisville and celebrate our city's diverse Hispanic population! Enjoy giveaways, exclusive merchandise, food & drink specials recognizing our Latin American culture.

Los Murcielagos Schedule & Promotions

About the Murcielagos

To pay homage to Louisville's diverse Hispanic and Latino population, the Louisville Bats will play as Los Murcielagos de Louisville as part of a special three-day weekend celebration at Louisville Slugger Field sponsored by Intec Building Services. The name, which translates from Spanish as "the Bats of Louisville", is part of Minor League Baseball's Copa de la Diversión campaign which celebrates MiLB communities' multi-cultural fans. Players will wear specialty jerseys and caps during the three games, and all marketing, branding, and in-stadium promotions that night will reflect the Los Murcielagos brand.

Sobre Los Murcielagos

Para honrar la diversa población Hispana y Latina en Louisville, Los Louisville Bats jugarán como los Murciélagos de Louisville como parte de una celebración de tres días durante el fin de semana en el Louisville Slugger Field auspiciado por Intec Building Services. El apodo de Murciélagos de Louisville es parte de la campaña, Copa de la Diversión de Las Ligas Menores del Béisbol, la cual tiene como fin celebrar a los aficionados multiculturales dentro de las comunidades de nuestros equipos. Los jugadores utilizarán uniformes y gorras únicas durante estos partidos. Además, todos los elementos que rodean el juego como los materiales promocionales, artículos de mercadeo y las promociones en el estadio se transformarán para reflejar la identidad de los Murciélagos.

I-71 Series Interestatales

Introducing the inaugural I-71 Interestatales Copa Series! The Los Murecielagos de Louisville face off against the Los Valeros de Columbus in a five game series spanning across two cities located off of Interstate I-71. The first three games of the series take place in Louisville, KY June 28-June 30 and conclude with a two game series in Columbus, OH on July 5-6. The 2019 I-71 Interestatales Copa Series champion will be crowned with the winner taking home the first-ever Copa de la Diversion trophy!

About the Logo

Once used as a cultural symbol, the bat was emphasized within myths and legends of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, including the Aztec and Mayan empires, which spread across regions that include current-day Mexico, South & Central America, and the Caribbean. In addition, the bat has been used as a symbol represented in the coat of arms of Spanish royalty.

Inspired by the Cuban Greater Funnel-eared Bat, the hieroglyph-style forms of the bat emblem are reminiscent of ancient Mesoamerican artwork. The color scheme of red, black, and gold is already quite familiar to Louisvillians, but it also pays tribute to the red, black, and yellow paint that largely made up such artwork, particularly in Mayan culture.

About the Presenting Sponsor


Founded in 1983 by Cesar Vanegas in Louisville, KY - Intec is a family-run, minority-owned business, with a commitment to the highest level of service. Since then, Intec has built positive relationships serving multi-tenant office buildings, government office facilities, hotels, factories, and military bases. Intec is the leader in medical facility cleaning in Louisville, with clients such as Norton Healthcare, Central and Western State Hospital, and the VA Medical Center.


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