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In the event of inclement weather, check this page for additional information.

Inclement Weather Policy

If there’s inclement weather before a baseball game (including smoke)…

The decision to postpone a game, due to weather, is typically made close to the game’s scheduled start time. Team officials pay close attention to the weather leading up to game time and make every effort to keep the field ready for play. Unless the weather prior to game time is particularly severe or the forecast reveals the inclement weather is inevitable, team officials will plan to play the game as scheduled. We are working daily with the weather service, Major League Baseball and health experts to understand all the factors in our air quality. We will only be able to make decisions for any game on the day of the game; and most often only within an hour or two of first pitch (should the quality be unsatisfactory).

If inclement weather starts during the baseball game…

If it starts to rain while a game is in progress, the grounds crew will cover the field if it is necessary to keep the playing surface suitable for play. The game will then enter a rain delay. During this time, team officials and Triple-A West umpires will pay close attention to the weather and the forecast for the remainder of the game. After a reasonable amount of time, the umpires will decide if the weather has improved and is suitable for play or if the game should be declared a rainout.

If the teams have played five innings or more (or if the Aces are leading after four and a half innings of play) and a rainout is declared, the game is considered an official game. In other words, the game is finished, the game has a final score, and play will not continue at a later date. On the other hand, if a game is rained out before being declared an official game, the ticket stubs can be kept for a future game that season.

While we intend to play all games as schedules, should we need to postpone a game, we would make that announcement on social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram) and

Season Tickets

If the postponed game is part of your Season Ticket Plan, a voucher will be loaded into your MyTickets account for use at a later date.

Single Game Tickets

If you have a single-game ticket to the postponed game, a voucher for use at a later game will be loaded into your MyTickets account.

Group Tickets

Your group representative will reach out to discuss further steps.