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Blue Rocks A-Z Guide

Advanced Ticket Sales - purchased in one of the following ways:

  • In Person: Tickets are available at the Blue Rocks
  • Ticket Office located in front of the stadium
  • By Phone: Tickets are available by calling 302-888-BLUE (2583)
  • Online: Click HERE

*See Ticket Office Hours for when the ticket office is open

Advertising - Advertising with the Blue Rocks is unlike any other advertising in the area. The Blue Rocks have averaged nearly 300,000 fans per season over the last 10 years. Our six main advertising categories are signage, game sponsorships, in-game promotions, printed publications, radio spots and corporate outings/ticket options; starting at $400. Every business has an opportunity to advertise with the Blue Rocks.

Email Robert Ford at [email protected] if interested in advertising with the Blue Rocks.

Animals - Animals are not permitted with the exception of licensed service or emotional support animals.

ATM - There is an ATM located on the main concourse across from the Quarry Team Store. There is an additional ATM located within the Quarry Team Store.

Autographs - Fans are permitted to seek autographs from the Blue Rocks and visiting players before and after games. No autographs will be given while a game is in progress.

Birthday and Anniversary Messages - Fans may have their birthday or anniversary displayed on the Rocks Ribbon Board in Left Field during the top of the seventh inning. There is a $5.00 donation to the Blue Rocks Youth Assistance Program for birthday name displays. Fans may register for this at the Customer Service Center on the main concourse.

Bluewinkle's Diamond Club - Is located on the Unique Image Luxury Level and is the Blue Rocks' most exclusive seating option. The Diamond Club is available to rent by groups with prior reservations (and sometimes individuals may purchase tickets for special Diamond Club event). The Diamond Club features a customized menu. Contact Group Sales at (302) 888-5358 or click HERE for more information.

Cameras and Video Equipment - All types of cameras are permitted in Frawley Stadium; however, they must not interfere with other fans view or enjoyment of the game. Media members looking to be credentialed to take professional photos or video should contact Cory Nidoh at (302) 888-2580 or [email protected].

Camps - The Wilmington Blue Rocks hold three Camps during each season. For more information please contact the Community Affairs Department at (302) 888-2015 or click HERE.

Capacity - Frawley Stadium's official capacity is 6,402.

Chickie's and Pete's - Located by the Dogfish Head Off-Center Fan Deck (1st Base Picnic Area). Serves a variety of food and beverages, including chicken cutlet sandwiches, cheesesteaks and the world famous Crab Fries.

Concessions - The Blue Rocks food concessionaire company is Centerplate. There are two main concession stands, a grille cart on the 3rd base side and various beverage and food vendors throughout the concourse. Some of your favorite brands are available for purchase at Frawley Stadium, including Chickie's & Pete's, The Greene Turtle, Grotto Pizza, Dippin Dots & more!.

Contact Information -

Coolers, Thermoses and other Carry-In Items - Due to on-going security concerns, coolers, thermoses, backpacks and large bags are not permitted in the ballpark. Small bags & purses are subject to inspection prior to entry. Eliminating the threat to everyone's safety, comfort and pleasure is of paramount concern.

Credentials - The Blue Rocks offer media credentials on a per-game basis to licensed members of the media free of charge. Field access is restricted to pre- and post-game only & press box access is available from gates open until 30 minutes after the final pitch. The Blue Rocks maintain a 100% closed clubhouse at the direction of the Kansas City Royals. Credentials & media inquiries should be directed to Cory Nidoh at (302) 888-2580 or [email protected].

Customer Service Center - Located on the concourse between the Ramp and Stairwell entrances and across from the Quarry Team Store. Fans can receive answers to questions, obtain information, register complaints, pick-up prizes, register for contests, claim or turn in lost items, or make requests.

Diaper Changing Area - Located in the 1st base, 3rd base and Chickie's and Pete's men's and women's restrooms.

Dugouts - Fans are not permitted on the dugout tops at any time unless they are participating in an in-game promotion and are escorted by a Blue Rock employee.

Elevator - The Frawley Stadium elevator is for the use of handicapped, Unique Image Luxury Level suites and Diamond Club guests. It is located next to the ticket office on the lower level, next to the Quarry Team Store on the second level, and across from Bluewinkle's Diamond Club on the third level.

Entrances - All fans may enter the ballpark by using the ramp or stairs on either side of the ticket office, regardless of seating location.

Exits - Fans may exit the ballpark through the entrance area or by using the stairwells located at the mid-point of each concourse.

Family Atmosphere - A Blue Rocks game is a place for families to come enjoy themselves in a clean, wholesome atmosphere. Fans are asked to refrain from using foul language and maintain appropriate conduct while at the ballpark. Failure to comply may result in ejection from the stadium without refund.

Family Section - Reserved Section K is designated a "no alcohol" section, thanks to our friends at The Yeager Law Firm.

Field of Dreams Program - The Blue Rocks offer the opportunity for uniformed youth league players to be individually introduced and accompany the Blue Rocks players as they take their positions on the field during the Uncle Mike's Water Ice Field of Dreams. Contact Group Sales at (302) 888-5358 for more information.

First Aid - All injuries, accidents or illnesses should be referred to the Blue Rocks Emergency Response Team. The First Aid Station is located near the restrooms on the 3rd base side. If you should require medical assistance while at a Blue Rocks games, contact your nearest usher.

First Pitch - Blue Rocks fans can throw out a ceremonial first pitch before a game for a fee. Space is limited. For more information or to reserve a first pitch, call 302-888-2015.

Food & Beverage Policy - Aside from one sealed individual water bottle per fan, food or beverage of any kind is not permitted to be brought into Frawley Stadium.

Foul Balls - Fans are permitted to keep any balls hit into the stands, but are not allowed to interfere with foul balls in the field of play. Interference with a ball in play may lead to ejection at the discretion of the umpires.

Gates Open - Frawley Stadium's gates open one hour prior to the start of Monday - Friday games. Gates open one and a half hours prior to Saturday and Sunday games. Some exceptions may apply. Check the home page for the latest information.

General Admission - General Admission seating is located on the 3rd base side of the stadium and is presented by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware.

Handicapped Seating - The ballpark has (36) wheelchair accessible spaces and (36) companion chair seats located behind the last row of reserve box and upper box seating throughout the concourse.

Inflatable Zone - Includes a variety of inflatable activities which could include a speed pitch machine, moon bounce and inflatable t-ball game weather permitting. The Inflatable Zone is located at the end of the 3rd base concourse.

Lost & Found - Lost items should be taken to the Customer Service Center. After each game, all unclaimed items will be kept in the Blue Rocks offices. If you seek an item lost at a Blue Rocks game, call (302) 888-2015.

Lost Parents/Found Children - Lost children should report to the Customer Service Center located across from the Quarry Team Store. Parents or chaperones will be contacted via the public address system (or parents may check there to see if their children have reported there).

Luxury Suites - A Blue Rocks Unique Image Luxury Level contains luxury suites, which are a comfortable, climate-controlled way to watch a Blue Rocks game in style and class. Luxury suites can be rented for one game or a package of games.

Marketing Opportunities - Advertising with the Blue Rocks is unlike any other advertising in the area. The Blue Rocks have averaged nearly 300,000 fans per season over the last 10+ years and with five main advertising categories: signage, game sponsorships, in-game promotions, printed publications and radio spots; starting at $400. Every business has an opportunity to advertise with the Blue Rocks.

Email Bob Ford at [email protected] if interested in advertising with the Blue Rocks.

Mascots - "Rocky Bluewinkle" is the official mascot of the Wilmington Blue Rocks. He is joined by stadium characters "Mr. Celery" and "Rubble."

Merchandise & The Quarry Team Store - The Quarry Team Store is located directly behind the press box and in between the turnstile entrances. The Quarry is open 1 hour before each game through the end of the game. Additionally, the Quarry is open year-round Monday - Thursday from 9:00am - 5:00pm, Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm & Saturday Game Days from 11:00am - 4:00pm. The Quary is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by clicking HERE.

National Anthem - Your group (20+ people) can sign up to sing the national anthem before a Blue Rocks home game! For more information or to book, call the Group Sales Department at (302) 888-5358.

On-field Access - Per Carolina League rules, only authorized personnel are allowed on the field before, during or after the game. Any unauthorized personnel who do not comply are subject to ejection from the Frawley Stadium without refund.

On-field contests during games - The Blue Rocks run a variety of fan participation activities on the field during each game. Fans can sign up for these contests - based on availability - prior to each game. Inquire about participation at the Customer Service Center while attending a Blue Rocks game.

Parking - Parking at Blue Rocks games is FREE, with the exception of the Reserved VIP Parking lot located just outside of the main gates. Handicapped parking is available in the first row across from the box office. Follow parking attendants' directions to the nearest spot. To inquire about purchasing Reserved VIP Parking, call (302) 888-2015.

Picnic Pavilion, Dogfish Head Off-Center Fan Deck 1st Base Side - Located on the 1st base side of the stadium. This picnic pavilion holds 125 guests. Picnics must be reserved prior to game day by calling Group Sales at (302) 888-5358.

Promotional Items - One promotional giveaway item will be given for each ticket/fan present on select promotional nights. Quantities are limited. Only one item per ticket/fan through the line at a time will be distributed. Full promotional schedule can be found by clicking HERE.

Radio and Television - All Blue Rocks games, home and away, are broadcast on Rowan Radio WGLS 89.7 FM and worldwide online HERE.

Rain Policy - For the Blue Rocks' full rain policy, please click HERE.

Restrooms - Restrooms are conveniently located throughout Frawley Stadium on the 1st base concourse, 3rd base concourse, adjacent to Chickie's and Pete's and across from Bluewinkle's Diamond Club on the Unique Image Luxury Level.

RocksRibbon - The auxiliary digital video display that is located above the scoreboard in left field. Player information, fan information, groups and advertising are displayed here.

RocksVision - This digital video display is located in right field. Live video, fan pictures, between inning entertainment, fan information and advertising are displayed here.

Scorecard - Located inside our "Blue Print" Publication which is handed out upon entrance to the ballpark.

Social Media - The Blue Rocks are VERY active on social media! Check us out and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Smoking Policy - Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the stadium except for in designated areas. This area is the asphalt area below the 1st base exit stairs. Due to fire code regulations patrons may no longer smoke on the stairs.

Stat Packs - Daily updated stat packs are available for sale at $1 each. Stat packs can be purchased inside the Quarry Team Store.

Tailgating - Although the Blue Rocks advise against tailgating at Frawley Stadium and in its parking lots, fans may do so with the understanding that it is to be done in a neat, safe and family-friendly way. No open-flame grills are permitted. Only one parking space per vehicle permitted. The ballpark does not open until one hour prior to the start of the game. All local laws are in effect while in the stadium parking lots.

Telephones - If someone should need to make a call due to an emergency, please go to the Customer Service Center.

Ticket Office Hours -
The Wilmington Blue Rocks ticket office hours are as follows:

  • Non-Game Days = Monday - Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. & Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Game Days = Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. through the completion of the game & Saturday - Sunday, 10:00 a.m. through the completion of the game.

**Phone orders stop 2 hours prior to all games**

Ticket Policy - Wilmington Blue Rocks tickets are non-refundable. Additionally, tickets are non-exchangeable except in the case of weather. For the Blue Rocks' full rain policy, please click HERE.

Third Base Picnic Deck, 3rd Base Side - This picnic pavilion is located on the 3rd base side of the ballpark and holds 225 guests. Picnics must be reserved prior to game day by calling Group Sales at (302) 888-5358.

Tours - Questions about ballpark tours should be directed to call the Community Affairs Department at (302) 888-2015.

Tryouts - Any fans inquiring about tryouts with the Blue Rocks should visit the Kansas City Royals' web site at Blue Rocks players' contracts are owned by the Kansas City Royals and no player personnel decisions are made by the Wilmington Blue Rocks.

Upgrading Tickets - Tickets may be upgraded based upon availability for the difference in the cost of the ticket. Comp tickets may not be upgraded. Call (302) 888-BLUE for more information.

Weapons - No weapons of any kind are permitted in Frawley Stadium at ANY time. Fans attempting to bring weapons in to Frawley Stadium will be arrested & prosecuted.

Will Call - Fans that have purchased tickets in advance or have been left tickets can pick them up at the Will Call window located at the first level ticket office. Fans must have an ID to pick-up tickets.