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Al Tuna

Al Tuna: O"fish"al Rally Mascot of the Altoona Curve

During the day, Al serves on the board of the IBRM (International Brotherhood of Rally Mascots). At night, Al serves up insane dance moves and the most intense rallying north of the South Pole. A six-foot tall fish that can breathe out of water, Al waits behind the center field wall and celebrates every run the Curve scores and ignites late-game rallies.

Everything about Al:
Favorite Food: Tropical Flakes
Favorite Reality Show: Flipper
Favorite Movie: Flipper the Movie
Favorite Song: Flipper theme song
Favorite Holiday: Flipper's birthday
Special Talents: Can breathe out of water
Mascot most admired: Flipper
Outside interests: Watching Flipper