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FUNdraising with the Bisons

We know the drill. Your kid comes home with the order form for candles or the box of chocolates and you take it to work, put it in the break room and hope someone signs up or grabs a bar. Or, you have to lug that stuff around the office, to church or to gatherings and push it on your friends and family!

It's time to put the FUN back in FUNdraising!

Partnering with the Bisons to raise funds for your organization is not only easy and much more beneficial for your group, it gives the people that support your cause a fun and exciting night out at the ballpark! The Bisons have a jam-packed promotional schedule for the season, so pick the game that your friends & family will enjoy and start selling tickets!

Raise some serious money! much do you get from a $1.00 candy bar? With Bisons tickets, you can sell the tickets at face value (up to $21) with $10.00 PER TICKET going back to your group! The more you sell, the greater the impact is for your organization!

FUNdraising at its easiest!

The best part about fundraising with the Bisons? There's no order forms! No money to collect! No need to pass out everything that people bought when it arrives! With our easy Online Ordering, all you need to do is send a custom link to your friends and family. They can then order and get their tickets themselves, while your organization benefits!