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Ballpark A-Z Informational Guide

Everything you need to know for your next visit to the ballpark

Use this page for information on all ballpark policies and procedures. Should you need additional information, you may email [email protected] or call (716) 843-HERD (4373).


Address and Telephone:

One James D. Griffin Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203. The executive office phone number is (716) 846-2000. The team email address is [email protected] and the official website is

Alcohol Regulations:

All persons purchasing alcoholic beverages must have valid photo ID and be twenty-one (21) years of age in compliance with New York State liquor laws. Acceptable forms of identification include a New York State driver's license, a New York State non-driver's I.D., a military I.D. or a passport. It is unlawful to purchase alcohol for minors.


There are three automated teller machines within the ballpark. Two are located on the Main Concourse Level with one at the Guest Relations Center (Section 111) and another on the first base side near Section 110. A third ATM can be found outside the Pub at the Park restaurant on the Mezzanine Level. All ballpark ATMs are serviced by Evans Bank.




As Bisons Baseball is a family-oriented experience, we ask that the behavior of our fans be in accordance with this atmosphere. Therefore, the use of disruptive and vulgar language or gestures is prohibited. Furthermore, fans may be asked to leave the ballpark without refund if they are wearing clothing or possess signs with obscene or derogatory words or messages. If your enjoyment of visiting the ballpark is being interrupted by the behavior of another fan, please call/text (716) 570-4281 or contact ballpark security, an usher or guest relations staff member so the situation can be corrected immediately.


All requests to be included on the Bisons Birthday Board must be submitted in writing and can be dropped off at the Guest Relations Center (Section 111) or mailed to Bisons Scoreboard Request, One James D. Griffin Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203. There is also a submission form on All requests should be received a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the game to be attended to ensure placement on the Bisons scoreboard during the game. Birthday messages usually run (but not guaranteed) in the 6th inning.

BisonsTV HD Board:

The BisonsTV HD Board is the widest high-definition LED scoreboard in all of minor league baseball. At 80' wide by 34' tall, the BisonsTV HD board provides Herd fans with over 2,500 square feet of entertainment during all Bisons home games. The board is manufactured by Daktronics Inc. and displays promotions, game replays, statistical information, speed of pitch, games, contests and more throughout the season.

Booster Club:

Fans wishing to join the Bisons Booster Club can write: PO Box 1132, Buffalo, NY 14240. A Booster Club booth is located on the main concourse at Section 106. Booster Club applications may also be picked up at Guest Relations, across from Section 111.

Bully Hill Party Deck:

A four-tiered deck in right field, the Bully Hill Party Deck provides you with an ideal setting for your next group outing of 25-200 people. By combining the best food in the park with a unique view of all the action, the Bully Hill Party Deck will make your next event unforgettable. There are a number of food options for you to choose from. CLICK HERE for more information or to book your Bully Hill outing. You can also call (716) THE-HERD (843-4373) to speak with a Bisons group representative. The bar area on the upper tier, is open throughout the game for anyone in the ballpark.


Buses bringing Bisons fans to the ballpark should park and unload or pick up passengers along Exchange Street. There is no charge for buses parking on Exchange Street, and easy access into the ballpark is available through the Seneca Street Gate on Washington Street.


Camera Use:

Fans are permitted to use both still and video cameras to shoot pre-game, game action and between innings as long as they are not obstructing other fans. Tripods and other camera stands are prohibited. The use of drones is also prohibited at all times. Fans should be advised it is illegal to sell or mass produce any photos/videos taken at the ballpark without the consent of Bison Baseball, Inc. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in fan ejection and/or confiscation of camera.

Child Ticket Policy:

Children three (3) years old and under are admitted to the ballpark at no charge for Bisons games as long as they do not occupy a seat. Children four (4) years old and over require a ticket for admittance to the ballpark.

Consumers Craft Brew Corner:

The Consumers Craft Brew Corner features several great-tasting craft brews. It is located at the Swan St. entrance to the ballpark. Be sure to check out the Bisons fridaynightbash!® Happy Hour (5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.), where 14 oz. craft beers are just $3.00.  

Credit Cards:

All concession stands accept the four major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).



The ballpark's elevators are located on the first base side of the Main, Mezzanine and Club levels. They are available for handicapped access and entrance to the Pub at the Park restaurant and all ballpark suites.


Fans Care Program:

A great way to donate your unused tickets. Through this program, you can share your seats with someone less fortunate. Send your unused tickets to Fans Care, One James D. Griffin Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203. We'll donate the tickets to a local charity in your name and confirm your donation by mail.

First Aid:

First aid is provided by Twin City Ambulance. Fans in need of medical assistance should inform a security officer, Bisons staff member or usher immediately. Emergency medical service is available on the Main level behind Section 100. A paramedic unit is on duty at the Emergency Medical Service station. The ballpark is also equipped with an advanced life support apparatus. Ambulance service is provided at the user's expense.

Food Allergies/Gluten Free Options:

The Bisons organization is sensitive to the needs of fans that deal with food allergies. Please note that Gluten-Free Food options are available at the Pub at the Park restaurant as well as several concession stands. The Bisons will offer 'Peanut-Reduced Seating' at various games this season (dates TBA). Please be advised: Because the ballpark is an open-air facility, there is unfortunately no way to guarantee that any area of the ballpark be protected from such items as peanuts or peanut shells that may cause an allergic reaction in some fans.

Food/Beverage Carry-In Policy

Please CLICK HERE to refer to 'Enhanced Security Measures for the complete food/beverage carry-in policy.



Ballpark gates open one hour before the start of most games, except for fridaynightbash!® games, when gates open at 5:00 p.m. This is an approximation and may be subject to change without notice.

Gift Cards:

The Bisons offer a universal Bisons Gift Card that can be used at the Field Box Office, the Pub at the Park and at all gift shops and concession stands. The Bisons Gift Card can be reloaded for easy use in 2019 and beyond with no service charges. The cards can be purchased and reloaded at the Batter's Box Gift Shop, the Bisons Team Shop, at the Guest Relations center or by CLICKING HERE. For every $50 you load onto a Bisons Gift Card, we'll give you an additional $5 on your card.

Gift Shops:

  • Batter's Box Gift Shop is located on the third base side of the Main level, next to the Ticket Office. The Gift Shop hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (April-Sept.). The Gift Shop's phone number is (716) 846-2222.
  • Bisons Team Shop is at Section 112 on the first base side of the ballpark during all Bisons home games. With great offers and expanded selection, the Bisons Team Shop will get you outfitted in style.
  • Shop. Everything you can find in the store is available on our online shop at It's the perfect solution during the off-season if you can't make it down to the ballpark. CLICK HERE to shop.

Guest Relations:

The Guest Relations Center is located just outside the Ticket Office, across from Section 111. A guest relations representative is available when the gates open and until the conclusion of the game.


Hall of Fame Room:

Check out the Bisons Hall of Fame Room, presented by ADPRO Sports at Section 107 of the Main Level. View great Bisons artifacts as well as plaques dedicated to the 100 members of the Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame. The room is open most home games from gates open through about the third inning (subject to change).

Happy Hour on fridaynightbash!® Games:

Get your weekend started early with the Resurgence Brewing Happy Hour. The Swan St. gate will open at 5:00 p.m. before all fridaynightbash!® games so fans can enjoy food specials as well as great deals on craft beers at the Consumer's Corner. Details for 2019 Happy Hours are to be announced.

Hotels Near-by

Bisons fans looking to stay downtown after a Bisons game are encouraged to stay at the Adam's Mark Hotel ( or the Hyatt Regency Downtown (


Labatt Blue Zone:

Located on the first base side of the ballpark, the multi-tiered Labatt Blue Zone is an excellent option for your next outing of 25-50 people. The Pub at the Park restaurant provides a specialized menu to accompany one of the best seats in the park. CLICK HERE or call THE-HERD (716-843-4373) for availability or to book your next event.

Lost and Found:

Fans who have lost or found an item during an event should report to the Guest Relations Center located just outside the Ticket Office, across from Section 111. At the conclusion of each event, the items are stored at Guest Relations where they are kept until claimed. You can contact a representative (716-843-4373) between 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Lost Children:

Lost children should be escorted to the Guest Relations Center located across from Section 111 on the Main Level. Parents trying to locate a lost child should contact the Guest Relations Center.

Lost Tickets:

If you misplaced your tickets, or forget to bring your tickets to a game, you may obtain a special duplicate ticket by visiting the Bisons' ticket office, located on the Swan St. side of the ballpark. Your tickets will be reprinted by paying the face value of your tickets. The next time you come to a game, bring the tickets you misplaced or forgot and you will be reimbursed the amount you paid to have your tickets reprinted.



If you notice an area of the ballpark (i.e., seats, rest rooms, lights) you feel needs to be repaired, please stop by Guest Relations just outside the Ticket Office, across from Section 111 where your request will be documented and forwarded to our ballpark operations team. You can also email the team at [email protected]

Metro Rail:

Below is the current Metro Rail schedule (subject to change). For extra-inning games surpassing the NFTA deadline, rail service will run 30 minutes after the game.

South Campus to Erie Canal Harbor (INBOUND)

  • Weekdays 5:36 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.
  • Saturdays 7:35 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.
  • Sundays/Holidays 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Erie Canal Harbor to South Campus (OUTBOUND)

  • Weekdays 5:10 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
  • Saturdays 7:05 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
  • Sundays/Holidays - 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.




EMERGENCY SITUATIONS that require a guest to be paged may be brought to the attention of the Guest Relations Center (846-2003) located behind Section 111.


There is several independently-owned parking facilities located around the ballpark. Pricing and availability for those lots are set by the individual proprietors and are not controlled in any way by the Bisons organization.  

  • Physical-Challenged Needs: There are a limited number of disabled parking spaces in the ballpark parking lot on Exchange St. The reserved spaces are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Disabled fans, or those driving a fan with a handicap, should notify the parking manager of their desire to park in the reserved handicapped area. Upon notification, the parking lot staff will direct the vehicle to the closest parking space. Proper handicapped identification is required. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owners' expense.


Located on the first base side of the seating area, the patio can host parties with a minimum of 25 people and dine on the finest foods provided by the Pub at the Park restaurant. CLICK HERE or call THE-HERD (716-843-4373) for availability or to book your next event.

Pavilion Area:

Pavilion parties in the area beyond centerfield can be reserved for groups of 25 to 1,500 people. Ideal for group gatherings and employee outings, pavilion parties begin two hours before game time and conclude just before the first pitch. Menus include all-you-can-eat hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken as well as custom ordering. CLICK HERE or call group sales at (716) THE-HERD (843-4373) for mroe information or to book your next event.


Pets are not permitted in the ballpark except for the fans requiring the use of licensed guide/therapy animals. The lone exception are Dog Days at the Ballpark, where a special section will be set up in the ballpark's pavilion.

Physically Challenged Seating:

There are reserved wheelchair spaces located on the Main and Club levels. Guest Relations has two wheelchairs available for use in transporting fans. Because of the limited seating availability in these specified areas, only one escort is allowed to accompany each wheelchair-bound fan. Additional seating can be purchased nearby.

Postponed Games:

There are basically two types of cancellations of Bisons games due to adverse weather conditions:

  • Game in progress postponed: If this occurs while you are at the ballpark, keep your ticket stub and redeem it at the ticket office for a future game subject to availability and excluding special events. Please be advised, this transaction does not have to take place on the day the game is postponed. By International League rules, five innings (or four and a half innings if the home team is leading the game) constitutes a complete game and no ticket refunds or rain checks will be issued. In the event a double header is postponed after five innings of game one have been completed, it will be considered a complete game. No refunds or rain checks will be issued.
  • Game postponed before gates open: If this occurs, keep your whole ticket and exchange it at the ticket office for a future 2019 game of your choice, subject to availability and excluding special events.

*Please be advised the International League President governs the rescheduling of postponed games and, in most cases, the game will be replayed on the next available date. The umpires make the sole determination to postpone a game that has started and can only do so after waiting a minimum of 45 minutes from the time the game was halted. During an opponent's last trip to a city, the umpires make the sole determination to postpone a game, even if it hasn't started.

Pub at the Park Restaurant:

Located on the first base side of the ballpark on the Mezzanine level, the Pub at the Park is a great place for a pre-game meal. To reserve a table, call (716) 846-2100. For all games, the Pub at the Park is open two hours before first pitch to the end of the game and serves food through the 6th inning. The Pub at the Park also serves as Buffalo's premier catering and conference center all year long. For more information, visit


Radio Broadcasts:

ESPN Buffalo 1520 AM is the flagship station for Bisons Baseball broadcasts. Each broadcast includes a 30-minute pre-game show and a post-game show with highlights and interviews. A schedule select games can also be heard on the radio home of the Toronto Blue Jays, Sportsnet 590 The FAN. All games can be heard for free on or via the 'TuneInRadio' app on your mobile devices.

Rain Delays:

The umpire-in-chief shall be the sole judge as to when play shall be suspended during a game because of unsuitable weather conditions, as well as when a game will be resumed or terminated after such suspension begins. An umpire must wait a minimum of 45 minutes after a suspension begins before making a determination on postponement or termination. A rain delay may continue as long as the umpire believes there is any chance to resume play.


All restrooms are equipped to serve physically challenged patrons.

  • Diaper Dugout areas located in the women's restrooms at Sections 102, 114, 115 and 215; men's locations include Sections 110 and 216. Consumer's Pub at the Park also has a changing station in both bathrooms.
  • Family Restrooms are located at Section 115 (3B side) and Section 116 (1B side) on the main concourse. Each family restroom is equipped with a changing table and is able to serve physically challenged patrons.


There will be no re-entry into the ballpark, except in case of emergencies. In the event of an emergency, please exit the ballpark through the Pub at the Park entrance near Section 114. There, you will receive a hand stamp. Please show your hand stamp and original ticket to be allowed admittance back into the park. Re-entry must also take place at the Pub at the Park entrance.


Season Ticket Exchange Policy:

Season ticket holders may exchange a future Monday through Thursday game ticket for any future 2019 Bisons home game. This offer is valid for comparable seating for games played Monday through Thursday, or for general admission seating for Friday through Sunday games. Season ticket holders may also exchange any unused ticket for a game already played for any future home game during the 2019 season. This offer is valid for comparable seating for games played Monday through Thursday, or for general admission seating for Friday through Sunday games. Both offers are subject to availability and exclude special event games. Please be advised you must present your season ticket holder identification card in order to exchange tickets. All exchanges must take place at the Bisons ticket office.


Security is provided by Buffalo Protection & Investigation, Inc. Should an issue arise during your time at the ballpark, approach the nearest security officer or visit the Guest Relations Center on the third base side.

Smoking Law/Vapor Cigarettes/Tobacco:

Our ballpark is a 100% Smoke Free Facility. Smoking is not permitted in any of the seating areas, the concourses or the club level balcony, before, during or after the game. This includes the use of Vapor Cigarettes or 'E Cigarettes' and the use of chewing tobacco. There is no re-entry for fans that leave the ballpark to smoke cigarettes or use any other tobacco-related product.


Soliciting of any products, services and/or monetary donations in the ballpark or on the surrounding plaza is strictly prohibited. Violators will be escorted from the property.

Suite Rentals:

A limited number of game-day suites are available for rental on a game-by-game basis. Suites have 8, 10 and 12 seats as well as three 30-person party suites and the Media & Conferencing Suite. There are also six 25-person themed suites (Celery, Celebration, Blue Jays, Champions, Coca-Cola '50s Diner and Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino Pub Suite). CLICK HERE for more information.



For emergency only, courtesy phones are at the Guest Relations Center, Pub at the Park restaurant, and First Aid.

Ticket Office:

*Please note, during the offseason, the ballpark's Ticket Office is open Mon-Thurs (9am-3:30pm) and Fri (9am-1pm) and closed, Saturdays and Sundays. Located on the third base side of the ballpark (Swan St.), the Ticket Office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., and on Saturday from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. on non-home game days. On game days the office is open from 9 a.m. to the end of the game Monday through Friday; 10 a.m. to the end of the game, Saturday and Sunday day games; and noon to the end of the game, Saturday and Sunday night games. For your convenience during the game, please visit the concourse ticket window located near Sections 111-113 on the third base side of the ballpark.

Ticket Resale Policy:

Under penalty of New York State law, tickets may not be resold by an unlicensed vendor for any dollar value within 1,500 feet of the ballpark. This also applies to the resale of tickets below face value prices.



Bisons ushers are situated throughout the seating areas to assist you with your seating needs and to make your visit to the ballpark more enjoyable. If there is anything interrupting your enjoyment, please ask your usher for assistance.


Water Fountains:

Water fountains are located at sections 101, 108, 109, 110, 115, 116, 117, 213, 214.

Wedding Photos:

Couples may request access to the ballpark for the taking of wedding photos by emailing [email protected]. Requests will be subject to ballpark events as well as general ballpark/field maintenance schedules and must be made at least two weeks prior to the date requested. We would request a $50 donation to the Buffalo Bisons Charitable Foundation for use of the field for no more than 45 minutes. A complimentary pair of Bisons flex tickets for the upcoming/current season will be given as our gift to the Bride and Groom. Photo sessions may be canceled by either party due to weather, in which case any donations will be refunded (complimentary tickets can be kept).

Will Call:

The Will Call window is located on the Swan Street side of the ballpark and is open one hour before the start of each game until the end of the fifth inning. Prior to that, tickets left at will call can be picked up at general Box Office windows.


Youth Baseball:

For information regarding Buffalo Bisons Baseball camps, clinics or the ballpark's batting cages, please call the Bisons Youth Baseball Department at (716) 846-2251.