Bisons to become the 'Buffalo Wings' for showdown vs. Rochester Plates -June 14-17

Bisons to be named after legendary meal born in Buffalo, NY

By Buffalo Bisons | May 17, 2018 9:26 PM

Get your wet naps ready, Buffalo, NY…'Buffalo Wings' Baseball is going to be served up at Coca-Cola Field this season.

The Bisons announced today that they will change their team name and identity to the 'Buffalo Wings' for a four-game showdown with the Rochester Plates (Red Wings), Thursday, June 14-Sunday, June 17.

The team has also introduced a new 'Buffalo Wings' team logo, jersey design and red & orange color scheme to honor the legendary meal that was born right here in Buffalo and is synonymous with enjoying great sports moments with family and friends.

The Buffalo Wings and Plates will also take their debate to the diamond in Rochester for a three-game series at Frontier Field, August 28-30.

"While chicken wings are enjoyed throughout the world, if you really want to get a true order or wings, you have to do it in Western New York. So it's only fitting that Buffalo's hometown team adopt the moniker of its most famous food item," said Mike Buczkowski, VP/General Manager of the Buffalo Bisons. "Wings were born in Buffalo, and since then the debate over what's the best meal to enjoy while watching a great game at the ballpark or anywhere officially ended."

Buffalo Wings' Logo and Uniform

The 'Buffalo Wings' logo features a sauced chicken wing drum crisscrossed with a crunchy side of celery and the team name 'Wings' drizzled above in creamy bleu cheese (because that is the ONLY acceptable dipping complement). The full logo also includes 'Buffalo' written in medium sauce-orange on top of a BBQ-red colored diamond with a bleu cheese home plate.

On the field, the Buffalo Wings will wear a solid BBQ-red top with the Wings' logo across the chest and creamy bleu cheese numbering on the back. The BBQ-red on-field cap includes a white face and a wing that is about to be dipped into bleu cheese to form the letter 'B' for Buffalo.

Celery-green socks are the natural complement to a uniform depicting the greatest meal ever created!

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