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The Official Site of the San Jose Giants San Jose Giants

Connecting with the San Jose Community Since 1988

The San Jose Giants speakers' bureau consists of several members of the San Jose Giants front office. With decades worth of experience in a variety of different capacities, each individual offers unique perspectives and storiess about Giants baseball, the business-side of the operation the club's community outreach efforts and more. In the past, Giants representatives have spoken at: schools, rotaries, social and affinity clubs, charitable fundraisers, universities and more. As a part of the Giants' community initiative, all speaking engagements are free of charge.

Giants Speakers

  • Daniel Orum - (President and CEO)
  • Ben Taylor - (COO)
  • Matt Alongi - (Vice President of Marketing)
  • Jeff Di Giorgio - (Vice President of Sales)
  • Joe Ritzo - (Director of Broadcasting)

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