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The San Jose Giants Park Packer Program is perfect for organizations looking to raise funds and awareness for their cause all while having an exciting night out at Excite Ballpark. It's your organization's opportunity to pack the park, fundraise, and own the night! 

Pack the Park

  • Receive 2,500 or 5,000 personalized General Admission tickets
  • Tickets printed with your organization's logo and message
  • $1 per ticket, which includes the cost of ticket printing
  • Choose from exciting theme nights, fireworks and giveaway games*


  • Resell tickets at your preferred price (tickets are $12 face value)
  • San Jose Giants will offer $.50 for each redeemed ticket by your organization (organization must be 501(c)(3) eligible)
  • Fundrasiing table example below

Own the Night

  • Groups can participate in pregame and mid-game activities including:*
    • National Anthem
    • Ceremonial First Pitch
    • Take Me Out To The Ballgame
    • On-field Promotions
  • Group video board welcome
  • Tabling opportunity to promote group's message and interact with fans
*subject to availability

Park Packer Fundraising Examples
5,000 $7.00 $35,000 1,500 $750
2,000 $7.00 $14,000 1,000 $500
1,000 $7.00 $7,000 500 $250
Tickets Sold Resale Price Resale Revenue Tickets Redeemed Redemption Revenue